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Weavings in ceramic frames.

This process starts with a lump of clay and a handful
of fibres. To make the frames I roll clay into slabs
cutting shapes, then pressing in plants and using
various tools to decorate the surface before firing
in a friends wood fired kiln.

I spin all the yarns using wool, silk, synthetics and
others. I mainly dye my own fibres using both
natural and chemical dyes.
I weave scenes in the
frames, these are generated from local views
etc., I have photographed or previously seen.

Occasionally I weave the frames with a single colour
handspun wool and then either needlefelt the picture or
dye them in the frame, the images then become more of
an impression of a view. I usually add small ceramic
shells, starfish, sails, or flowers I have made in
clay giving depth to the atmosphere and illusion.
Themes occur but as each weaving is woven in its
own frame it is totally unique.

Please contact me for more details and commissions


Hand woven scarves

The scarves are woven either on a rigid heddle or a four
shaft table loom.
I use a mixture of handspun silks, wools
and synthetics
with commercial spun acrylic, linen, and wool.
Some of the scarves have a land or seascape at one end and
are woven with handspun silk on a fine wool core for stability.

All my scarves are individual and non repeatable hence the
title "Variations". I wind a warp for three scarves to thread
onto the loom and use a different yarn to weave each one.
Scarf lengths vary from 1 to 2 metres and are all hand washable.

Lampworked glass beads

I have had a fascination for glass since childhood
and when the opportunity to work with it arose
a few years ago there was just no contest!

Made in my West Wales studio the beads are
Lampworked using glass rods with an oxygen/propane
gas torch, then annealed in a kiln to stabilise the glass.

The whole processs is an adventure, glass overlaid
with different shades and colours produce amazing
effects and helps to make the beads really special.

The nature of individually hand made beads is such
that they will inevitably differ slightly in size shape and
design but its so much fun and exciting creating them!

When the beads are completed they are made up into
costume and fashion jewellery items of necklaces,
pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings